Friday, November 6, 2009

Man i promise, she's so self-conscious

Yep, the above post title references what is still one of my favorite songs, "all falls down" by kanye west. Before he became king of the douchebags. altho not gonna lie....i still like the music he puts out, i just don't support it as much.

Anyways, what follows is a new fave pic, featuring the astonishing Karlie Kloss. I kind of love it when fashion shoots don't take themselves too seriously and sort of blend into the realities of our day to day lives. Be warned, this is a summery photo, and for those of us freezing our derrieres off in close-to-winter weather, this might make you cringe.


source: fashiongonerogue
ps i do have an outfit post coming up, probs on sunday...:). I think it will be a double-outfit post also...i know, how cool am i?

and a HUGE thanks to Patty Ann for a blog award (its like the culmination of a few she was awarded). She is so so so sweet and has a really kickass blog, you should check her out at:

so i'm supposed to list 7 interesting things about me and then I will pass this award on to other bloggers:
a) i volunteer at my local animal shelter
b) I can speak three languages
c) my biggest passion is writing...especially poetry
d) I would faint if i met ryan gosling
e) I cannot play sports for the life of me
f) I believe wholeheartedly in and participate in yoga
g) I have been to alaska....and it was unbelievable

not sure how interesting that all was?
but check out these sweet blogs asap...and i check out so many great ones so i am really just picking a few out of the tons that inspire me each day. i'm kind of not sure how to title this award seeing as mine from Patty Ann was like a group of 4, so I'm going to call it "Inspiration Award".
will get to your blogs tonight and tom night :). sorry for the long boring post

gotta do more of these since i love so many blogs...i'm not kidding, check out how many i follow. i think actually every day i will link to a blog! *pats self on back* guys who read my blog and comment ALWAYS put smiles on my face and i can't thank you enough.




  1. She looks stunning, the lady on the beach! Congrats with your award :)

  2. Lovely picture, and congratulations on your award! You deserve it!
    Miss Erinna

  3. omg thanks for posting this pic! its stunning, really!
    congrats with your award :)

  4. Congrats on the award, Liya, and thank you SO MUCH for passing it along to me. :) That was so sweet and thoughtful of you!

    PS. Three languages?! That's freaking cool. Which ones?

  5. yeh i love this :) the socks are way cute!

  6. awww thank you my love! you are definitely on my daily blog roll as well ;) my sole aim in life is to bring light and love to people's dreary lives, LOL.

  7. Uh, so cute nominating even me to this award! You're always really to nice!
    Will do the post as fast as I can!

  8. congrets to your award

  9. Beautiful picture and ofcourse congratulations with your award ;)

  10. I shall check out those blocks <3

  11. aw that's so sweet. thanks!

    3 languages? I'm jealous... I speak two fluently. :c and I wish I still did yoga...

  12. Oh it so made me cringe, it has been raining here ALL day! Btw, alaska! I would loveeee to see pictures , it seems like such an amazing place.


  13. Congrats on the award!!! And you speak THREE languages?!?!? That's crazy!!! What can you speak?

  14. congrats on the award.
    Karlie Kloss looks amazing as usual.

  15. That picture is amazing. I wish I could jump into it - although today the weather is surprisingly mild here. And I loved reading all of those interesting things about you! Which three languages do you speak???

  16. i feel the same exact way about kanye too.
    and ahh, that classic shot of karlie...

    you have a great blog!! take care :3

  17. aw, thanks for the award, sweetie! i am honoured!

    and wow, alaska? how amazing, ive always wanted to go.

    xx raez

  18. I love this photo! It makes me want to go on a cruise.

  19. yay for awarding the starving stylist! i also love that karlie kkloss photo :)

  20. i love karlie shes so elf-like and complete stunner.
    aw man i'm jealous i've always wanted to visit alaska :]

  21. great photo.. and um, i was JUST listening to that song! weird, haha

  22. yayyyyy im so glad you're having fun with the award!!!
    alsoooooooo totally checking out those other blogs. OUTFIT POST!!!!!!!!!! yayaayyayaya im so excited!!!!

  23. Love that photo!

  24. Thats such a gorgeous picture!

    Check out my blog :)i have no followers yet :(



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