Tuesday, September 29, 2009



 source: fashiongonerogue

I want to frame this picture and hang it in my room. It's perfect.

ps...i love reading your comments. you guys make me so happy and make blogging all that more enjoyable.
and i adore finding new blogs to follow...you guys inspire me every day with your blogs. No lie.

probs no post tomorrow, as I am at school then i go straight to work...hopefully an easy first shift, but i am expecting it to be mucho  awkward.
expect me to blog about it ;)



Monday, September 28, 2009

Shock me like an electric eel

 Rue de Mail by Martine Sitbon Netaporter

Rue de Mail by Martine Sitbon via Netaporter

How quietly stunning is this dress?

thanks for all the well wishes concerning my job....my first real shift is in 2 days so i'll be sure to report back!

Oh and I have another collage on the way haha...gawd they're fun to make. Defs some outfit posts too coming up this week...i've been pretty bad with those but its only cause im too frickin lazy to get a tripod and many of my self-taken pics just turn out embarassingly bad...so I have to figure out my plan of action (probs will involve a tripod at some point) .

And how in the hell do i not own this vintage Thierry Mugler romper from NastyGal? it's all sold out now :(

i leave you with a quick, unflattering shot of what i wore today;


the dress is from urban outfitters, and i'm wearing it with black tights and towering black heels that i was too lazy to take a picture of...forgive me? i frigging love orange, which is one of the few colours i'm still in love with as i am currently mostly just obssessing over black, grey, and beige.

i PROMISE the pics will get better when i have more time to plan for them



Sunday, September 27, 2009

White Lies


I'm going to start throwing out collages a lot because they're so darn fun. know what else is fun? organizing things (nerdalertnerdalert). But srsly. i am anal retentive about organizing and it just MAKES ME HAPPY. so there.

you have your; stolen girlfriends club ripped jeans , grey jacket from helmut lang (i am seriously starting to fall in love with helmut lang...we're not talking puppy love folks, we're talkin true love. i wanna tie the knot with one of his leather jackets), gorgeous lame csociety dress,black acne heels (is acne killin it or what), alexander wang heels with gold buckles (drool), green acne jacket, two jackets from nastygal (the blonde model in the center and the model with the hat), minimum colourful cardigan (so different...i love it), louis de gama peach/black dress, DVF bedazzled cardigan, and last but not least, an elizabeth and james dress (simple but with an edge. need it.)

sources: netaporter, pixiemarket, nastygal

just started a new job and...well...anybody have awkward memories of their first shift? (well it was more training...first real shift starts next week)...nothing that crazy happened it was just...awkward. yknowwhatimean? blech. but i think in the long run i'll like it :)

hopefully someeeeee outfit posts this week? 



Friday, September 25, 2009

I Wanna Make You Mine

The title of this post says it all about this Acne bag that, rest assured, i will be dreaming about tonight.
I reaaaaallly have tons to do this weekend but i can't seem to stay away from blogging..
last post for the weekend. i think. i hope. because i should be doing work.

dear lord i want this bag so badly.



Breakin it Up

 source: fashiongonerogue


on a sidenote, thanks for picture-editing/taking suggestions...as soon as i get the time I will explore my options!
I doubt I'll have time for blogging this weekend what with all my homework plus my job so if I can't post till monday...have a great weekend :)



Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I Wore

For real, i need to start asking friends to take pics so that they have even the SLIGHTEST chance of not being so boring.
i totally. totally. apologize.

Boots: Minnetonka. Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Jewelry: Half vintage, half Aldo

Any idea how to use photobucket to resize images?? Everytime i try it just reverts back to the preset sizes....also...once i have edited a pic, how do i transfer it here?
dear lord i am uber lame.

I urge you guys to take a look at my blog roll as well as those I am following, I have seen some truly awesome blogs. sorry if your blog isn't on the roll, I am really just picking at random from the many that I follow and I will keep adding!!!

ps if i am on your blog roll and you're not on mine, lemme know, and I will defs add you! i love exposing new blogs to the small audience i have :)



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Spell

This is a quick quick post i wanted to do because i love this pic...but there will be another outfit one tomorrow. Most of you guys probs won't even see this post ;)

source: fashiongonerogue



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lark on my Go-Kart

sigh...again with the double posts. i should really be doing my homework.

but how rock n roll is she????

Source: Alice Dellal from contactmusic.com




From Luella's Spring 2010 line

I just love this photo, although really I'm still in fall mode as fall has barely begun :)

outfit post soon!



Monday, September 21, 2009

Shine a light

This is the kind of picture that makes me stop whatever i'm doing and emit an audible gasp.

source: fashionrogue

sometimes i just HAVE to do a second post...mostly when i find beautiful things like this



We Are Golden

And the fall picks continue!
my mind is blown with all the awesome things being put out this fall
and is it just me or are the sky blue acne acatoma wedges just as cool as the black ones all the bloggers were obssessing over??

Except for the two marked Acne, all pictures are via the Opening Ceremony website, defs one of my all-time faves 

And...don't lie....you know your dog would love that hat

just figured out how to use bloglovin!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny the Way it is

She knows that she's the shiz.
Anybody else out there wish they could come close to pulling this off?

pic: Blackbook magazine

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


So is it just me, or are stores seriously lacking these days?
i'm talkin urban outfitters, zara, h&m, and even topshop....i just can't find tons of goodies anymore!
that's not to say these stores don't have awesome things....just not nearly as many as i'm used to :)
which sort of makes me turn to the higher-end side of things (NEVER a good thing for my poor wallet).

And anybody ever heard of a U.K store called River Island? I'm kinda wishing they would put one in Canada, or at the very least start shipping here. i ATTACKED that store on my recent visit to London. I loved it. New Look was pretty interesting too (Brits just do it better, guys)

On that note, some things my closet wishes I would  buy...

Boy I have expensive taste.

thanks for the comments guys, i love reading them and I love discovering your awesome blogs. I love following new blogs to check up on...tons of inspiration!



Friday, September 18, 2009

What I Wore

What I wore :)


Leather pants - Zara
tshirt - Urban outfitters

these pants aren't exactly noiseless but dammit they're worth it!



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey fella

A well-dressed guy is worth his weight in gold

first four pics - kanye west blog
final pic- nylon guys
sidenote, the blonde guy is the singer Mr. Hudson, and guys, he's as talented as he is well-dressed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick "what i wore"

this is not a very glam photoshoot.
but it IS  a very quick snapshot of something i wore the other day

what you don't see are black leggings
trust. not very exciting :)

should have some much cooler outfits for this weekend :)

xo, Liya

Holy smokes


Rodarte has never been a favorite, but their spring collection is seriously creative, and I can't help but respect out-of-the-box thinking.

outfit post soon!

oh and guys....Bruno Frisoni is seriously rocking my world

this guy is unbe-frickin-lievable



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breathe it in

Bruno Frisoni heel via style.com

Well I don`t know about you, but this shoe made my jaw drop.
Sure there are tooooooooons of gorgeous shoes, and by no means is this one easily worn, but it`s so unique, so creative, that i felt i had to take note.

So I found some money in my wallet today...don`t you love when that happens?? and it`s going towards a tripod. can`t wait :)


Monday, September 14, 2009

The freak, so chic

Angling to buy a cheap tripod for my cam so i can take halfway decent pics :)
How fantastic is this kickass pic of french dj Mimi Xu (photographed for V Magazine)?
you know how sometimes you just see a picture that makes you sooooo happy, and I don't mean in the "gorgeous fashion editorial" sense, but the "that is an awesome, fun picture and I would simply like to be in it" sense? This is one of them.
So my next "what i wore" posts should be better, as i am hoping to pick up a tripod sometime this week :)
in the meantime, enjoy the aforementioned kickass pic.

  *on a sidenote, your comments mean the world to me, and I love commenting on your blogs as well!

What I Wore

This is what I wore out saturday night!
gawd i cannot apologize enough for the crappy quality of the picture, i have yet to decide how to properly take the kinds of fantastic pictures I see on all your blogs....i think a tripod might be my answer?

you can't really see the whole outfit but the skirt is a plain black tight short skirt, worn with black tights and way-too-high black heels (not good for dancing, ladies.)
this is a favorite shirt...mostly because its so different. I love it even more for its structured shoulders (which, again, aren't very well displayed in this picture).

Top: urban outfitters
skirt: h&m

thanks for the comments :)



Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's all that

Sometimes I see a model who blows me away in every shoot she does.
One of these is Freja Beha.

Here are some of my favorites

thanks for the comments and praise for my outfits....i so appreciate it!!!!



Saturday, September 12, 2009

What I Wore

Before heading to a wedding in London a week ago I snapped a few pix of myself.
The dress is absolutely one of my faves - its a Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Excuse the horrid state of the hotel room!....as well as the lighting in the second pic. i promise better quality pics soon (i hope)!

oh and the shoes, though you can barely see them in my pics, are a hot pair of Modern Vintage heels (which I got for a ridiculous steal at 100 as I bought them wholesale...as opposed to 400)

my pair are the gold version though, with a silvery tint.

xo, Liya

Every Rose..

pic: Kanye West Blog