Saturday, September 19, 2009


So is it just me, or are stores seriously lacking these days?
i'm talkin urban outfitters, zara, h&m, and even topshop....i just can't find tons of goodies anymore!
that's not to say these stores don't have awesome things....just not nearly as many as i'm used to :)
which sort of makes me turn to the higher-end side of things (NEVER a good thing for my poor wallet).

And anybody ever heard of a U.K store called River Island? I'm kinda wishing they would put one in Canada, or at the very least start shipping here. i ATTACKED that store on my recent visit to London. I loved it. New Look was pretty interesting too (Brits just do it better, guys)

On that note, some things my closet wishes I would  buy...

Boy I have expensive taste.

thanks for the comments guys, i love reading them and I love discovering your awesome blogs. I love following new blogs to check up on...tons of inspiration!




  1. These are wonderful picks. My closet would also be SO happy by these clothes! I bet those Chloe pants look amazing on.


  2. Loving the tulip shape pants from Chloe, i got the most immense Harem's yesterday, the crotch almost skims the floor!

  3. I don't have that problem at all, I see too much nice things lol we also have that store in The Netherlands, it's quite nice, but sometimes it's too expensive for what you get (cheap fabric). And I'm jealous of you, living in Canada, you have Topshop and Forever21 (right?)!

  4. only forever 21 haha
    not topshop yet unfortunately!


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