Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To make a new beginning

Well hello.

So after about a year of reading my faveeeee blogs day in and day out, I decided it was time for me (read: i thought it would be enjoyable) to make one of my own.

This really just a forum for me to offer some capsule wardrobe ideas, direct your focus to some incredible photoshoots, and generally have some fun with fashion (as well as discuss some trends)!

To start off, let's have a look at two fall capsule wardobes, shall we? One is more casual, while one is a tad fancier. Bear in mind, you don't need these exact items that I list, but something along those lines, if you're into the outfit I'm going to shove your way :)

sweater and leggings from Topshop, ring from Nastygal online shopping, purse from urban outfitters, flats from aldo


dress from All Saints, YSL Tribute Pumps, Betsey Johnson bag, H. Stern watch

ps, saw this watch in person, as well as the dress....both are to die for, though admittedly the dress is relatively affordable while the watch is crazy expensive...but absolutely drool-worthy.

Anyways...hope you enjoyed my first, messy post! Hopefully soon I get the hang of this blogging thing!

let me know how you like it :)



  1. Welcome to the addiction my love! I am a super fan of all that is YSL circa the foot region. Hopefully, I can scoop up a pair this fall...

  2. those YSL pumps are truly a girl's dream come true! thanks for the comment!


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