Monday, September 14, 2009

The freak, so chic

Angling to buy a cheap tripod for my cam so i can take halfway decent pics :)
How fantastic is this kickass pic of french dj Mimi Xu (photographed for V Magazine)?
you know how sometimes you just see a picture that makes you sooooo happy, and I don't mean in the "gorgeous fashion editorial" sense, but the "that is an awesome, fun picture and I would simply like to be in it" sense? This is one of them.
So my next "what i wore" posts should be better, as i am hoping to pick up a tripod sometime this week :)
in the meantime, enjoy the aforementioned kickass pic.

  *on a sidenote, your comments mean the world to me, and I love commenting on your blogs as well!


  1. You have an adorable blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. My sweater is from Scoop NYC...the designer is Alexis Lamontagna. Just bought it like a week ago, and it's so, so cozy.


  2. Love this picture - thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. This picture is so cute! And I should also get myself a outfit pictures are always in an awkward location due to the fact that I need somewhere stable to place my camera haha!

  4. Adorable :)

    Pictures with masks are always so much fun! :)



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