Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On Point

So there are many trends that have been kicking around, and that have stuck it out despite at first only looking like one collective flash in the pan.

These include
a) jean shirts
b) oversized "boyfriend" blazers
c)acid wash jeans

I have to profess my love for all three.
And I think if done right, they can look like they were utilized effortlessly; Here are some suggestions!


New Look shirt, Urban Outfitters dress, Urban Outfitters Tights

b)Balmain Leather Blazer, American Apparel leggings, H&M tank

American Apparel Jeans, Forever 21 top

Lastly I have to draw your attention to one of my fave Nylon covers:

Isn't it so kickass? Not something worn easily in real life, but the way the picture is put together, this girl looks like she can take over the world. Now if she could just get her act together...

Next post perhaps I'll discuss mesh tops and post a pic of one of my own outfits? Plus I gotta start figuring out how to better post pics in terms of clarity/size. any suggestions??




  1. i did love that nylon cover a lot..

  2. I love the trends too especially the blazer <3

  3. nylon hits it outta the park sometimes...and sometimes falls just short! but that one was one of my all-time faves.
    and yessss the blazer is so key!
    thanks for the comments guys

  4. denim shirts are the shit! hahaha <3


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