Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I Wore

For real, i need to start asking friends to take pics so that they have even the SLIGHTEST chance of not being so boring.
i totally. totally. apologize.

Boots: Minnetonka. Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Jewelry: Half vintage, half Aldo

Any idea how to use photobucket to resize images?? Everytime i try it just reverts back to the preset sizes....also...once i have edited a pic, how do i transfer it here?
dear lord i am uber lame.

I urge you guys to take a look at my blog roll as well as those I am following, I have seen some truly awesome blogs. sorry if your blog isn't on the roll, I am really just picking at random from the many that I follow and I will keep adding!!!

ps if i am on your blog roll and you're not on mine, lemme know, and I will defs add you! i love exposing new blogs to the small audience i have :)




  1. I really love the color of that shirt!! Surprisingly there was a lot of brighter colors shown for fall on the runways!
    Minnetonks are cute as well! Great outfit!

  2. Love the outfit. The shoes is so comfy. I have some Minnetonka's myself and I say, they are the best when it comes to comfort.

    I haven't tried photobucket. I use photoshop to resize my images.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Hugs!

  3. I love those fringe boots so much! And I really appreciate that you featured me in your blog roll! I'll add you to mine :-)

  4. Your blog is precious:)
    Pass for my blog

  5. Thanks girl!

    Cute boots and love the color of your shirt. Thanks for the blogroll add, check back soon!

    x Antonia

  6. I have a shirt in that exact same color, almost and those exact same Minnetonka booties. Thanks for reminding me. YAY when it gets colder I can start to wear them again! =)


  7. I always love to see the way people style mocs. So cute!

  8. Why don't you use the tripod and self-timer!! That's how I take my pictures! I just used Picasa and edit my pictures there if that helps :-) xxoxoxo

  9. ha i'm wearing my minnetonkas right now! so comfy.

    i don't know much about photobucket but i can second fashion cappuccino's recommendation of self timer and picasa - then you can play with lighting etc too :)


  10. really sweet green top, its a great colour!

    xx raez

  11. I love your outfit!! That green top is something I'd totally wear. And those fringe boots are awesome! Look so comfy... :) and thanks SO much for adding my blog to your blogroll!!! :D

  12. I know what you mean, I hate taking mirror pics of myself!

    As for resizing images, download IrfanView for free and use the resizing feature on the Image menu. Easy!

  13. Use a tripod for your photos !! It really helps when you have no one to help with picture taking :)

    And I adore your color of the top,my fave shade of green <3

  14. minnetonkas, our autumn/winter wishlist just got a little bit longer, following your blog :) x

  15. You are so sweet - not for any particular reason. I just love how happy you always are. It makes reading your blog so much fun!

    And I almost bought those same Minnetonka boots in tan suede. Should have bought them now that I see how awesome they look on you!

  16. I love the color of your shirt, great outfit!!


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