Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick "what i wore"

this is not a very glam photoshoot.
but it IS  a very quick snapshot of something i wore the other day

what you don't see are black leggings
trust. not very exciting :)

should have some much cooler outfits for this weekend :)

xo, Liya


  1. You look so pretty and you have AMAZING hair!

  2. what is that jacket?! it is fabulous. I think I am just in love with the color gray at the moment. :B

  3. cute, i love your hair x color and the waves!

  4. haha its from urban outfitters, and i am also obssessed with the colour gray! i just bought a toooooon of gray things when i went to london!
    rest of the outfits also from urban :)

    thanks for the compliments guys!!


  5. I love that dress. Those colors are really pretty on you. :)


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