Monday, September 14, 2009

What I Wore

This is what I wore out saturday night!
gawd i cannot apologize enough for the crappy quality of the picture, i have yet to decide how to properly take the kinds of fantastic pictures I see on all your blogs....i think a tripod might be my answer?

you can't really see the whole outfit but the skirt is a plain black tight short skirt, worn with black tights and way-too-high black heels (not good for dancing, ladies.)
this is a favorite shirt...mostly because its so different. I love it even more for its structured shoulders (which, again, aren't very well displayed in this picture).

Top: urban outfitters
skirt: h&m

thanks for the comments :)




  1. You're very pretty girl! I love your hair! xxoxox

  2. The top looks really pretty on you! I definitely want to find something with more structured shoulders.

  3. Absolutely love this look - you are so charming.

    And I would highly recommend a tripod. And generally taking pictures outside helps a lot too - natural lighting is usually better unless you have a studio.

    Nonetheless, you are beautiful and your outfit is perfect!

  4. ahhhh! the pattern and colour is great, the lighting is great too:) just perfect.

    xx raez

  5. OO I love the printed top!!! I need more floraly things like that. :) it's gorgeous.


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